Who Are We?

We are bringing you a good, old-fashioned bakery to the heart of downtown Racine, Wisconsin. We strive on local and old-time traditional recipes.

Visit us for your morning for coffee paired with one of our doughnuts, or stop in after work to take some homemade bread and rolls home for dinner with your family. We will also be available for custom cake decorating and sharing some family traditions with pies, cookies, brownies and other pastries.

Meet Our Baker

With 35 years of experience, Maria Farnsworth has experience baking, as well as freelance cake decorating for decades. Maria is a Racine resident who has taken her Grandma’s recipes to a new level. We are excited for her to share these with you daily.

“There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-fried doughnuts wafting up. People will smell us before they see us.”
– Maria to The Journal Times